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Are Your Dress Code Policies Truly Inclusive?

It’s been a busy fall at the DEI Consulting Practice, and I’m honored to have been featured in a recent article about DEI issues in the legal workplace. In October, the American Bar Association published an article about outdated dress codes in the workplace and how these policies have a disproportionately negative impact on LGBTQ+ […]

Calling Upon the Best Places to Work

Q: I’m an openly LGBTQ+ attorney of color who works at a law firm well-known for its great track record in diversity and inclusion. How do you suggest sharing constructive feedback when my workplace considers itself a champion of LGBTQ+ inclusion? A: When you work at a law firm that prides itself on LGBTQ+ inclusion [...]

Soliciting Feedback and Meeting People Where They Are

In my experience as an attorney and LGBTQ+ advocate, I have seen firsthand that the external perception of a law firm can sometimes differ from what is felt internally by its employees. Prior to the start of any consulting work with a law firm client, I recommend offering a survey to as many attorneys and […]

Supporting Trans Employees

Q: Is your Gender-Inclusive Workplace Policy up-to-date? A: Over the past decade, it has been heartening to see the increasing number of workplaces that have adopted policies to support people undergoing gender transition in the workplace. Historically labeled, “Transition Guidelines” or “Transgender Policies,” these “Gender-Inclusive Workplace Policies” are widely adopted by legal employers to support […]

Getting Comfortable With LGBTQ+ Issues

Q: What do you find has been key to successful retention of LGBTQ+ talent? A: One key to recruiting and retaining LGBTQ+ talent is making sure everyone in the workplace is fluent, familiar, and comfortable with LGBTQ+ issues. As Thompson Hine Partner and LGBTQ+ Bar Board Member Marla Butler says in this video, “It was very important […]

Best Practices for Inclusive Restrooms

Q: What are best practices for law firms when it comes to bathroom policies? A: Here are three core principles for ensuring inclusive restrooms. 1. Ensure that all single-stall restrooms are designated “all-gender.” A growing number of jurisdictions legally mandate such signage on any single-stall restroom, including NYC, DC, and San Francisco, but we recommend […]

Empathy in the Workplace: Feeling With Others

Q: How can empathy help take your leadership to new heights?   A: Empathetic leadership can help drive results in more ways than one. Empathy allows you to put yourself in the shoes of your clients, as well as your colleagues. We often hear from straight, cisgender leaders that one of the biggest challenges to […]

The National LGBTQ+ Bar DEI Consulting Practice: A Year In Review

As we start a fresh new year, we sat down with the LGBTQ+ Bar’s Executive Director, D’Arcy Kemnitz, to learn more about the LGBTQ+ Bar’s DEI Consulting Practice. Let’s hear about some highlights of its success so far and get a preview of what is in store for 2022. How do you help others advocate […]

Centering LGBTQ+ Attorneys of Color

Q. What best practices and business development opportunities can law firms implement to improve inclusiveness of attorneys who, for example, identify as LGBTQ+ and racially diverse? A. In addition to providing intersectional LGBTQ+ inclusion educational programming for all law firm employees, law firms can do the following: Prioritize stronger mentorship and sponsorship opportunities and resources for LGBTQ+ attorneys, […]