Month: March 2020

Inclusion in an Unprecedented Time

By M. Dru Levasseur, Deputy Program Officer of the National LGBT Bar We’re in an unprecedented time.  The global health crisis caused by COVID-19 has led to a near shutdown of most social functioning: no in-office work, no in-store shopping, no gathering of friends, no public events.  Many, many people are left vulnerable, losing work, social […]

Matt Dobbins

Matt Dobbins first attended Lavender Law® in 2009 as a law student at the University of North Carolina. He was so nervous to speak to different firms that he barely even remembers the event: but he still managed to impress Chris Bacon and Corey Divine of Vinson & Elkins, who described him as someone who […]

Jay Larry

Jay Larry went to undergrad and later law school at Vanderbilt University, where he cast a wide net studying English and History Interdisciplinary Studies, Spanish, Film Studies, and Philosophy. It was his Philosophy of Law class together with his Securities Regulation class that made him “fall in love” with the work he’s doing now as […]