Month: January 2022

Stephen Lessard

Before choosing to practice law, Stephen Lessard dedicated 20 years of his life to serving our country as a Surface Warfare Officer for the U.S. Navy. While obtaining his B.A. in Political Science at Texas A&M University, Lessard was a member of the Corp of Cadets, a prestigious student military organization that fosters leadership skills […]

The National LGBTQ+ Bar DEI Consulting Practice: A Year In Review

As we start a fresh new year, we sat down with the LGBTQ+ Bar’s Executive Director, D’Arcy Kemnitz, to learn more about the LGBTQ+ Bar’s DEI Consulting Practice. Let’s hear about some highlights of its success so far and get a preview of what is in store for 2022. How do you help others advocate […]

Jamey Mentzer

See Jamey Mentzer’s statement on the prejudicial blood ban below: I work at the University of Pittsburgh’s Law School and decided to donate blood one day. They asked if I had been sexually active with another man within the last 12 months. My heart sank–as a happily married man in a monogamous relationship– the answer [...]

Brad Hoylman

See New York State Senator Brad Hoylman’s statement on the prejudicial blood ban below: There is a severe supply shortage of blood due to the pandemic across the country, including New York, yet the FDA still bans me from donating. These policy makers would rather cling to their outdated and homophobic policies than allow LGBTQ+ […]

Eric Paulk

See Eric Paulk’s statement on the prejudicial blood ban below: The prohibition on gay and bisexual men from donating blood is prejudicial and discriminatory. What was once a blanket policy empty of tact is now an embarrassing relic perpetuating LGBTQ+ and HIV stigma. The ban on blood donation is not rooted in public health science […]